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Daphne Greengrass

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[ open ] [29 Sep 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Daphne Greengrass was bored. It wasn't really that much of a shock, since apathy was something well known to her, almost like a dear friend. Still, it irritated her with its presence, and she was once again holed up in the library by her favourite couch.

Her mind wandered from subject to subject; she thought about Bella briefly, but the thought passed easily. The Ravenclaw certainly wasn't the type that Daphne would think about settling down with, and in her opinion, it had been nothing more than a quick fuck.

She noted, with no small amount of amusement, that someone must have been in the library that morning at the same time as Bella and herself. People-watching had dominated her entire life, and the interested (and scandalized) looks she was recieving from passers-by indicated that news of her little mid-morning Sunday escapade must have started making its way around. Not that she was one to complain, and the limelight amused her for the moment, but she had no doubt that it would get extremely annoying after a while.

She wondered about Anthony, that Ravenclaw boy, and whether or not he and Bletchley had ever gotten together that night. Making a mental resolve to ask at least one of them about it at some point, the girl shifted her position on the couch and resumed reading her book, an expression of supreme and dire boredom etched onto her delicate face.

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[ open RP ] [28 Sep 2003|12:22pm]
A small, diminutive figure sat on the couches in the library, books sprawled out over cushions and tables. Daphne Greengrass was taking advantage of the relative peace and quiet that Sunday morning offered, and she seemed fully immersed in her Potions book, scribbling notes down furiously.

Had anyone bothered to come close enough to try to talk to her, they might have seen the parchment and realized that she wasn't note-taking on Potions at all, but instead compiling a list of all the couples she had expected to be an item after yesterday's little fiasco in the Great Hall. Her disdain for the activity had stretched long into the night, and even after having returned home and to bed, the apathetic and irritated attitude had lingered on her mood up until this very moment.

She longed more than anything at the moment to have a girlfriend; someone to bitch to, shag, and discuss yesterday's events with. But, such silly and sappy thoughts were stupid and uncalled for, she reminded herself with a mental scolding, and so she returned her mind to the work at hand.

To be honest, she didn't expect anyone to come up and speak to her, or even see her. She had spent most of her school life being ignored and unnoticed, floating around in her own way and watching everyone else mill around with their lives, and she saw no reason for anyone to notice her now. Still, a conversation would be nice...

With an irritated murmur, she flicked her hair from her eyes, her gaze lifting to scan the library for a moment. Good, Pince hadn't swooped on her for the little noise. Gaze dropping back to her book, the girl lifted her legs and crossed them underneath herself on the sofa, poring over her little list.

[[Edit: NC-17 warning for the comments. kthx.]]
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[ open RP ] [28 Sep 2003|12:13am]
Daphne made her way towards the Great Hall, traipsing up through the corridors towards the centre of the school as she left the Slytherin common room. Truth be told, she was apprehensive at best about this 'gathering' of sorts, and she hadn't really bothered on looking her best. Her hair was scooped back into a loose bun, a pair of chopsticks speared haphazardly through the whirl of black hair, her face holding an unusually clear and dewy look that seemed to come from a lack of make-up. Her short, thin frame was nearly swamped in a pair of black drawstring trousers and a loose, long-sleeved lilac top that looked as if it was designed to be used in wet t-shirt competitions, but the girl seemed comfortable enough in them anyway.

Pattering barefoot through the corridors, she paused as she neared the entrance to the Hall, trying to catch a glimpse of the inside before entering. If it was empty, she could scoot in quickly and stake her claim on a dark corner, but if it was too crowded (especially with any bloody Gryffindors, she thought acidically), she had decided that she would make her excuses and leave. After all, no-one would notice one little Slytherin missing from the Hall, now would they? She felt nervous enough going in there, for although she covered it with a casual air of sarcasm and indifference, Daphne was not one who was predisposed towards large crowds; she avoided them where possible, and if someone she knew didn't appear quickly, she was all too prepared to bolt back to the common room.

Fingers playing with the edge of her too-long shirt-sleeves as she walked up to the doorframe and glanced around the edge, her dark blue eyes scanning the inside of the room, Daphne was too wrapped up in her thoughts to notice even if an elephant had stampeded up behind her.
slytherin pride

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